Photo: Pilot area Una National Park, BiH/Project documentation

The DINALPCONNECT team gathered again to recapitulate their current results – the 4th Steering Committee Meeting took place on June 15, 2021. The DINALPCONNECT 4th Steering Committee Meeting was organized virtually within 28 participants from 11 partner organizations. The Meeting was hosted by CENER 21, project communication partner, and moderated by Ms. Irena Bertoncelj, the representative of AIS – the project lead partner.

At the Virtual 4th Steering Committee Meeting, Lead Partner Agriculture Institute of Slovenia (AIS) welcomed all the partners and focused on achievements, and discussed the remaining activities and next steps within DINALPCONNECT Work Packages (WPs).

Team members from the Agricultural University of Athens reported the progress on policy overview, while representatives of EURAC Research presented achievements on GIS data collection and GIS spatial model selection. The Slovenia Forest Service team reported the progress on the development of Guidelines for sectorial practices while the Association BIOM presented their activities on conducting the Workshop for developing Action plans.

Photo: 4th DINALPCONNECT Steering Committee Meeting/Project documentation

Project partner Dinarica prepared the Database with examples of good practices that will serve for improving agricultural and forestry practices on the Dinaric Alpine route while Development Solutions Associates (DSA) team members discussed the preparation of Pro-biodiversity businesses and trading/learning Platform. Center for energy, environment and Resources – CENER 21, the project communication partner, reported on external communication activities conducted in the last 3 months. The report shows a positive growth in the reached audience pointing out that more public is aware of the ecological connectivity importance.

Representatives summarized achievements and activities carried out in the previous period and they have discussed the plan for upcoming activities and next steps. The next DINALPCONNECT gathering is the Mid – term Conference that will be organized in the pilot area Učka Nature Park in Croatia, in autumn 2021. The Mid-term Conference will be the first DINALPCONNECT gathering “live” event organized after Corona pandemic obstacles. Meanwhile, the DINALPCONNECT team has worked hard in order to adjust the project activities and mitigate the impact of the pandemic to project activities implementation. The project team will continue enthusiastically to invest the effort to improve ecological connection in Dinaric Alpes and to spread the word on the importance of the biodiversity issues in the area.

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